Are you struggling to capture the images you want?

With all of the things to learn, it can be overwhelming and confusing not knowing where or how to start. From gear to settings, editing to posing, and how to use light or choose the perfect location...

"I'm overwhelmed and don't know where to start."

"Photoshop and Lightroom is SOOO confusing!"

"I don't know what settings to use on my camera."

"Why don't my photos look like those other photographer's photos?"

~Does this sound like you?

You're not alone. These are the exact same questions I was asking myself not that long ago.

Take it from someone who's been there and had to figure it out the hard way!

Let me answer all of your questions and hold your hand along the way...

My 'Watch Me Edit' classes take you every step of the way through the editing process using the most popular editing software, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom CC,
but it doesn't stop there.

I talk about my location, the gear I used, my exact settings, how I used the natural light, my thought process on the compositions, and most importantly, not just how, but why.

What is inside the Academy?

When you get the Membership, you get it all! No hidden fees or additional charges. As long as you are in the Membership, you have instant and unlimited access to all of my classes, downloads, actions and overlays all in one place!

- I teach everything I've learned over the years of doing photography and I leave nothing out. -

There are currently 50+ classes including courses and editing classes, 4 overlay packs and all of my Photoshop actions. What's more? I add new content to the Academy regularly.


✓ learn how to get quality gear at an affordable price so you can jump right in and start learning and creating

✓ Learn about cameras and lenses

✓ Take full control of your gear by learning how to shoot using manual settings

✓ Learn how to shoot using only natural light

✓ Learn how to pose your subjects

✓ Learn about composition

✓ Learn how to find a great location


✓ Take the confusion out of Lightroom and Photoshop CC, the most popular editing software by learning the basics

✓ Learn how to plan your edit so you have a direction for the final edit

✓ Watch my entire editing process from start to finish as I don't just show you how to do it, but I explain the why so you can create your own style

✓ Learn how to speed through an edit without compromising the quality of the image so you're not wasting precious time

✓ Follow along with the downloadable RAW images

What you will learn

✓ Learn how to make any location great by understanding natural light

✓ Learn how to get that creamy foreground and background by shooting with your aperture wide open and nealing the focus, even with large groups

✓ Learn how to get the colors that you want in your image by using captivating color palettes

✓ Learn how to capture creative and beautiful portraits and tell stories with your images, even if you don't have creative ideas

✓ Wow your clients by blowing away the competition and over-delivering breathtaking pieces of art instead of the typical snapshots that most photographers offer

Learn on the go with the mobile app.

Hi, I'm Phillip Haumesser!

I am an award-winning self-taught photographer who is passionate about not just creating images, but art. My work has been featured all around the world, The Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Business Insider, My Modern Met, PetaPixel, and many more.

I started in 2015 when I decided to try to capture my kids childhood memories of growing up on a farm. Since then my passion has turned into an obsession to never stop learning photography.

Now I'm ready to start teaching everything I know!

I hope you follow me along in this journey. This no obligations. You can opt out at any time.


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