Magical Snow Overlays

Over 60 high-quality snow overlays

Make your winter scenes magical with over 60 high quality snow overlays including detailed macro snowflakes and frosted windows.

– 27 snow overlays ranging from heavy snow to light snow that you can layer together to custom build the snow that you need to match your image and focus plane
– 6 quick snow overlays that will instantly transform your image into a winter wonderland
– 32 micro snowflakes at different angles so you can place them however you need in your image. You’re going to love these!
– 8 frosted window textures
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Phillip Haumesser
Phillip Haumesser

I am a Dad and husband first of all. I started taking photos of my kids in 2015 and became obsessed with photography and post-processing. I'm completely self taught and it took me years to get where I am. My work has since been featured all around the world at places like The Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Business Insider, My Modern Met, PetaPixel and many more. This has become one of those organic passions that grew into way more than a hobby. I'm asked all of the time by beginners and professionals alike for advice and training. So I decided to start making courses and classes online to teach everything I've learned and save others years of guess work.